Speech Resource Links No Materials Needed 20 Questions -1 person thinks of a word and the other players ask questions to try to figure out what their word is. This can be played an easier way by the person thinking of the word, actually giving clues about the word, while the other players guess. Categories/Concentration. "This is the game of concentration. No repeats or hesitations." Choose a category and name as many items as you can. Finger plays and rhyming songs. Many resources available at bussongs.com I Spy - This can be done with colors, shapes, beginning sound, or any feature of the item. Peek-a-boo We're going on a trip (or camping, on a picnic, to the beach, or the moon!) and I'm going to bring a....(Take turns thinking of items. This can be done alphabetically, and to make it more challenging, the players try to remember all the other items named.) Would you rather? Name 2 options, and the players answer the one they'd rather and give the reason why.
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