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Physics Links
Beakman's Electric Motor Detailed instructions and diagrams for building a working electric motor, plus suggestions for experiments. Circles of Light How are rainbows formed? Why do they only occur when the Sun is behind the observer? This lab helps to answer these and other questions. Educational Resources for Physics Teachers Explore this extensive collection of Internet-based demonstrations of basic physical principals, grouped by type of phenomenon. Fractal Microscope Wander through a gallery of color fractal patterns, and learn about the simple iterative formula that generates their infinite variety. Frank Potter's Science Gems Frank has located more than 2,000 WWW resources that ware appropriate for the classroom. Categorized by subject and grade levels. Great Physicists Dig into this archive and find biographies on the great physicists of our time. Includes Copernicus, Einstein, Galilei, and Kepler. How Things Work Home - Physics Professor of Physics, Louis Bloomfield answers questions about physics in everyday life. Includes details about games and helium balloons. Indigo Instruments Online catalog of laboratory equipment, molecular models, software, and other tools for the teaching of science subjects. Interactive Textbook Textbook for an introductory interdisciplinary course in chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The course involves Maple and includes calculus. Internet Pilot to Physics Includes online forums, The Virtual Laboratory, and a comprehensive index to physics resources. Internet Webseum of Holography Introduction to lasers and holograms from Frank DeFreitas Holography Studio. Includes an education section. K-12 Science Education Resources Comprehensive collection of education articles, organizations, online courses, and resources for K-12 students. Kinetic City Join the Kinetic City train and tour an interactive science history project, links to related resources, and cool science projects. Math and Physics Help Find a variety of papers explaining numerous math and physics topics in a manner that is fun and easily understood. Submit questions via email. Experience the history of the Nobel laureates and the Nobel prizes, from Alfred Nobel to the present day. Science Hobbyist Enjoy text, links and build-it projects for the amateur scientist, physics hobbyist, and science student. Includes holograms, FAQ and museums. Speed of Sound Get the story of Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier. Take a check ride or get an inside look at the aircraft. The Sciences Explorer - Physics Be introduced to concepts of physics with this impressive multimedia site. Includes an interactive forum. Treasure Trove of Physics A comprehensive encyclopedia of physics compiled by Eric Weisstein PhD. Virtual Laboratory Interactive experiments which demonstrate Newton's Second Law, and Maxwellian speed distribution in a balloon.