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Health Links
Adolescence Directory Resources focus on the social and emotional development of adolescents. Includes eating disorders, depression, and teen pregnancy. Come To Your Senses Learn about the special mass of fat that produces thoughts, sensations, and stores memories. Mr. Potato Head has all the sensational facts. Five A Day Advice on healthy eating from the Dole corporation. With recipes, activities, and information. Food Museum Anyone craving to stuff themselves on fun-filled food facts can learn all about what's served for dinner around the world. Munching allowed. Food Pyramid Follow the food pyramid's guidelines to guarantee a healthy, balanced and tasty diet, with recommended servings. Food and Nutrition Science Fair Projects Look at the resources the USDA offers for making an edible science experiment the old fashioned way. Lists the ingredients in fun projects. Health Hotlist Collection of links to sites on nutrition, fitness, and various diseases and disorders. Includes resources for teachers. How Personality Works Read about how personalities develop, what can go wrong, and how we all change over time. Explains thoughts, feelings, and defines reputation. How Your Brain Works It's gray, squishy, and controls everything in our bodies and it's the brain. Check out the Brain Work's assessment program. Online anatomy lesson contains more than 100 illustrations of the human body. Site uses Java applets to show images and select anatomy parts. International Museum of Surgical Science Based in Chicago and gives references for related resources about the personalities, failures and breakthroughs that have shaped modern surgery. Kellogg's Nutrition Camp Check out this fun and educational nutrition site for kids. Features games, online stories, nutrition facts, and breakfast FAQs. Kids Learn About Diabetes Take a tutorial on diabetes and learn all the facts about insulin, the pancreas, and other treatments. Kids and Cancer Read poems and stories written by kids surviving serious illness like cancer and HIV. Contains pictures, instructions, and fun sites to visit. Look Out for Germs Prevent an invasion by the germ corps with better hygiene practices and medicines. Learn the difference between a fungus, virus, or a bacteria. Nanoworld Image Gallery Explore a fascinating collection of images of human cells and other biological specimens from the view of an electron microscope. Neuroscience for Kids - Sleep Wake up and try out these sleep experiments while laying around. Learn what animals sleep hardly at all. Neuroscience for Kids Explore the brain and nervous system, with activities and experiments. For elementary and secondary school students. No Bully New Zealand Play the No Bully game to learn about stopping bullies in their tracks. Check out the videos and the stories. Otto Club Helps everybody take safer trips during special events, vacations, and errands. Learn why bike helmets, car safety belts, and street lights work. Poison Prevention Discover why poisons are dangerous and where they can be found around the house. Play the poison games to learn more. Preview the Heart Tour the most important muscle in the body and see what scientists, doctors, and thrill seekers get all excited about. Real Truth about Fast Food Learn how choosey eaters chose good foods, in good amounts and sizes. Play the healthy meal game. Serendip Explore the brain, human behavior, genetics, and the ethics of science. With activities and a K-12 forum. Smelly Experiment Gather up a few friends, some kitchen tools, raw food, and try this smelly nostril tester. Email the results to the National Geographic Society. Sparky the Fire Dog Find out the hot facts about preventing home fires and staying safe at school or outside. Plan out room exits or send Sparky questions. The Recovery Village Personalized Addiction Treatment Tobacco-Free Kids National campaign focused on protecting kids from tobacco addiction. Provides updates on court cases, a kids' corner, and news of special events. VegSource Colorful, information-packed site on vegetarianism. Contains discussion boards, recipes, publications, diet and nutrition facts, and kids' stuff. Visible Human Project See what the human body looks like in thin flat sections. Notice the color of muscle, bone, skin, and fat.