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General Science Links
Access Excellence Resources for high school biology teachers, including online discussion groups, activities exchange, and science news. Armadillo's Science Resources Extensive index covering resources in all areas of science with links to organizations, online experiments, and projects. AskEric Educational Resources Information Center includes materials developed to help teachers use the PBS show Newton's Apple. Bad Science Learn about common mistakes made by teachers or others trying to help kids learn the basics of chemistry, biology, and other sciences. Bill Nye the Science Guy Daily demonstrations of experiments on basic topics, such as gravity, or more sophisticated projects such as geyser building. Discovery Channel School Discovery Channel videos for schools. With free worksheets, activities, and other classroom resources. Discovery Web Online resource for grades 6-12 science teachers and students being developed at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Internet Explore science and math fun facts. Dr. Internet helps find facts that can help with homework or science projects. Educational Hotlists Resource lists divided into three main groups - general topics, science and teacher resources. Includes lesson ideas and projects. Educational Resources Topical and general sites on the sciences, with links to lesson plans and activity ideas in biology and space. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Search the catalog which contains all types of curriculum resources for K-12 math and science, or check out highlighted WWW sites. EurekAlert Search for breaking research in science, medicine, and technology, organized chronologically and by topic. Excellence in Science and Math Project designed to support teachers looking for resources to improve their science or mathematics teaching. Exploratorium Home Page Museum of science, art, and human perception, with online material, and links to resources. Explorer US Department of Education site offers links to a range of science curriculum information and resources. Frank Potter's Science Gems More than 2,000 WWW resources appropriate for the classroom, categorized by subject and grade levels. Franklin Institute Philadelphia science museum brings its exhibits, resources, and educational fun to K-12 sciences classes. Helping Your Child Learn Science Suggestions for parents to interest children in science. Includes basics about science, activities for children, and recommended resources. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Project designed to stimulate debate on the implications of science research, for middle school educators and students. Lawrence Hall of Science Links to exhibits, school programs, teacher education material, and special events for children. Learner Online Joint Annenberg/Corp. for Public Broadcasting project using media to bring quality programs on math, science, and other subjects to all kids. Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education provides assistance and resources to math and science educators and school reformers. Museum of Science, Boston Interactive exhibits featuring movies, photos and resources for educators in the Science Learning Network. NPR Science Friday Kids Connection Forum for young scientists, with online experiments from the popular radio show. National Science Teachers Assoc. Publishes journals, newspapers, and other materials for those involved in science education, and supports reform efforts in the field. Newton's Apple Index of suggested "Science Try Its," educational projects presented by the family science program on PBS, organized by season. Project 2061 Project to develop standards for K-12 science education. Run by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Sailing Thru Science Exercises and projects directly related to the scientific principles involved in circumnavigating the world. Schools Online Project - Science Meet other scientists in the cafe, search the library for science resources, or conduct and experiment in the lab. SciEd Links to science and math resources, from astronomy and ethics, to paleontology and skepticism, for students and teachers. Science Homework Helper Need help with your science homework? Clarification on today's science lesson? Send an email and receive a speedy reply. Science Learning Network Community of educators in schools and museums share resources including museum exhibits. With special guests. Science Notes Articles on contemporary science debates and innovations written and illustrated by the students at University of California, Santa Cruz. Science Teachers' Pot of Gold Resources include Internet-based science projects, a news group for teachers, and details on Australian scientific institutions. Science/Math Carnival Carnival provides hands-on science and math activities for elementary students. Details of the forum and workshops included. Teachers' Lab Classrooms can participate in online activities designed to help students explore fundamental math and science concepts. Thinking Fountain Science Museum of Minnesota presents surprising, funny, and personal connections to science for grades K-8. Virtual Flylab, Virtual Earthquake Select the nearest server to access these Internet-based science labs illustrating fruit fly physiology and the mechanics of an earthquake.