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Astronomy Links
Allstar Network Partially funded by NASA and geared to grades 4 -14, the Network covers aeronautics history and principles, and aerospace careers and education. Amazing Facts about Black Holes Inquirer's Guide To The Universe Study astronomy by reading space science facts and then visiting the space story studio to write about an imaginary planet. Live from Earth and Mars Carry out a virtual Mars mission with a pathfinder rover or view an air quality study of pollutants on Earth. Includes related learning modules. Mysteries of Deep Space Series of three one-hour programs aired on PBS. Interactive time-line, classroom activities, ask the experts, trivia, and Hubble telescope news. NASA K-12 Internet Initiative Support and services for schools, teachers and students to fully use the Net, and its technologies for learning. NASA Online Educational Resources Collection of sources at NASA and affiliated organizations, including online games, galleries, teaching material, and experiments. NASA Spacelink Current NASA programs and educational materials. Articles on everything from living in space to the big bang theory. National Geographic's Asteroids As a secret agent for the Department of Extraterrestrial Phenomena, you're assigned to investigate a series of asteroid, comet, and meteor cases. Online From Jupiter Resources for educators and students on NASA's Galileo project which is studying the planet Jupiter and its moons. StarChild NASA learning center for young astronomers, provides guides and activities. Study the solar system, astronauts, solar probes, and space travel. Star Journey Take a journey in space with the Star Chart from National Geographic. Find details about the heavens or see the Hubble Space Telegraph. Virtual Solar System Discover the wonders of our solar system by viewing this amazing 3-D tour of the planets. Includes resources and links. Why is the Sky Dark at Night? Provides clear explanations to the physical phenomena that account for the dark sky. Includes interactive graphs and models. Zoom Astronomy - Interactive guide to the solar system and other regions of space includes a glossary, biographies of astronomers, and quizzes. Enchanted Learning Software