September 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     9-1-2016 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris I know it is not Tuesday.  I may not remember Tuesday to send this. I've been asked several times about shared documents. So I thought I'd do a quick review of the shared document process. *you can place the file in a shared folder and whomever you gave access to the folder can view the file. *you can click share on the document and type in a person's name and send it to them with the document embedded into the email as well as in their shared folder. *you can just copy the shared link and anyone with the link can open and view either the file or folder that you created the link from. When you place items in a pre shared folder it does not send an email to the person(s) that you shared the folder with unless they can edit the document. Be very careful on sharing permissions.. if you give them edit permissions on the document they can change it and it changes for everyone it is shared with.  they can delete it and it deletes the copy for everyone.  I usually just choose comment as a sharing option.  they can make a copy, add comments but they cannot change my original or delete it. You have a file or folder that has been shared but you don't know how to find that document again? go to the third option down says shared with me. Any document, file, folder that has been shared with you will be listed there., hope this helps clear up shared documents a bit. We have several google certified personnel on a couple of campuses. They can be your google go to person as well. I'll send the list I have of google certified personnel shortly.  9-27-2016 Submitted by: David Smith Have you ever wanted to send an email but at a delayed time?  There is an extension for Gmail called Boomerang that allows you to schedule when you send an email.  You can also have it resent at a specified time if the email isn't opened or replied to. It is simple and easy to use.  To add the extension follow the link below and click on the "Add this to your Gmail!" Enjoy,                                             9-28-2016 Submitted by: David Smith I often have people ask why they can't send a photo(s) in an email. Usually it is due to size limit of the email provider. So, what do you do?  You need to compress the image.  There is a simple way to compress image files.  The website allows you to upload (up to 20 images, 5 MB) and compress image files without any change to the quality of the image.  It's quick, easy, and free. Enjoy
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