May 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5-3-2016 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris                                          Chrome extensions galore: Many chrome extensions will make your day, others not so much. Just letting you know of a few extensions I've "played" with lately.  Perhaps one will make your day. :) go to and look for extensions to find these and many more. Readism- provides estimated reading time to read any web article save to google-  allows you to save directly to google drive IF you have this extension on. pinit- saves pages to pinterest sendfromgmail- makes google your default mail client so you can just send an item and it open your mail. grammerly- checks spelling and grammer screen castify- records your screen so you can make a how to video or other such items. Enjoy playing! 5-11-2016 Submitted by: David Smith Have you ever wanted to share a PowerPoint, Word, or Excel with someone who didn't have MS Office?  What if you could share it in a webpage with just a click of a button.  Well, you can using Microsoft Sway.  You upload your file and it creates the "Sway" file that you can then share the URL and have others view the file via their browser.  You can also create directly in Sway.  You do have to set up an account but it is free. Example: Enjoy, 5-17-2016 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris I went to an awesome Google Summit this weekend.  I learned so much.  I will share in small increments and at the Educational Conference (formerly known as the Technology conference) in August. One thing that really resonated with me was how to use chromebooks in the classroom.  They used google classroom a lot.  You have access to google classroom very similar to moodle. I encourage you to check it out this summer.  They were using chromebooks and google classroom with Kindergartners in Mississippi in the video I saw so it can be done in all grades. Students 13 and older already have a gpsb email address for google classroom.  Once they get it they keep it until a year AFTER they graduate If your students are under 13 we have to get parent permission.  I know that we had a few teachers from Georgetown as well as South Grant do this this past year.  I don't think we had but two children total that parent said no. Then we created a generic one for them.   I also saw students both in second grade and high school science using google forms and google classroom for quizzes and such. Second grade was using chromebook and google forms to take spelling tests. One did it multiple choice and the other called out the word and the student typed it in the box.  No papers either way.  AND it gets them familiar with typing on the computer so they will be more at ease with online testing that is coming sooner or later Science in High school used it for quizzes and vocabulary practice. (I used google forms for the questionnaire about windows version.  it saves the responses in a spread sheet for me automatically. ) There are several pre-made form templates you can use.  If you use exit tickets there are some already pre-made. Take a minute when you can and check out google classroom and google forms. You'll be glad you did.
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