March 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3-21-2017 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris Would you like to enter info into a pdf and can't? Now you can.  It's with a google chrome app called KAMI. go to the google store and select add to chrome.. when you need to enter info into a pdf instead of purchasing an expensive program you can use KAMI. Kami will open up the document.  You can select to highlight fields or enter text box and then enter info in.  you can even electronically sign documents with Kami. here is a quick youtube how to on the uses of KAMI. I love it.  Thought you might like it as well. 3-23-17 Submitted by: David Smith How about 1,931 Free Cool Fonts. Easy to download and install. Enjoy 3-27-17 Submitted by: David Smith As a district we have been moving to Google everything. We have been encouraging you to save your stuff to your "Google Drive".  Did you know you can set up your Google Drive to be a location on you PC?  Following the instructions below you can install your Google Drive so that it shows up on your computer as a virtual drive just like C: drive. Open your Google Drive (click on the 9 little squares in the upper right of your email and select "Drive".  Your drive will open. In the top right corner find and click on the gear () It will open a menu like below and select Download Drive This window (see below) will open.  Click on the Download for PC and follow the instructions to install the drive.  Once it is installed it will become available as a drive just like the other drives on your computer.  You can save to it or copy and paste files just like you would any drive. Enjoy 3-29-17 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris Since we have students who may have a google account and will graduate shortly they may wish to make use of google take out. Google takeout is a way to transfer all your documents/photos/etc that you have stored in google drive that is tied to a managed educational google account to a personal gmail account.  It does NOT transfer any music they have in the folder however.  That is a separate thing they must do to transfer any music they have in google drive.    tells you more about this process and how to go about.  takes you directly to the tool to create the archive.     High school teachers you may wish to let your graduating students know this is available for them to use. They will have to have the personal gmail account setup prior to moving any data from one account to the other.  We won't set that up for them. They may not see a reason or purpose to move any files they have in our gpsb managed google account to a personal one but it is available.  I will turn off their gpsb google account once they leave/graduate.    
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