March 2015   3-3-15 Submitted by: Justin Sims                                                                                                                                                                                         Save $$ on toner You can either set your printer to "toner saver mode" or "fast drafts" or "dpi 300" which all will use less toner per marking.  Most printers should have 1 of these options depending on the brand and factory date. All require a few of the same steps. Control Panel > Devices and Printers > right click your default printer > click printing preferences (not printer properties)' Which tab to click varies from printer to printer at this point.  Just click around for either enable toner saver mode, enable fast drafts, or dpi settings.  Most DPI or, dots per image, defaults at dpi 600; lowering it to dpi 300 will make it use 300 less ink dots per individual character and makes it print faster.  If you make a lot of copies daily, you will notice that you run out of toner less frequently and your prints are going much faster.  Your print copies won't really display much of a noticeable change. 3-3-15 Submitted by:  Rhonda Norris I have had a couple ask about how to do this.  I know that creating groups in your email was an issue last year when we had email issues.  So I thought I would again share the info on how to create groups in email to better organize your mail.  Storing it all in inbox or deleted folder is not a good idea and is not very easily searchable.  Also some of you ask how to create your own mailing list or groups so you can email to a group and all get it without having to type each name one at a time. Follow the link below How to create groups and folders in web mail 3-3-15 Submitted by:  Erica Firment Check out this site for math that is related to common core. 3-10-15 Submitted by: David Smith The cameras on our phones have improved greatly but they lack in the lense department. Check out the lenses below.  For $20 you can add a lense to your smart phone that will make photos pop. Lenses include: Fisheye, Super Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle, Macro and Polarizing cell phone lenses. You might want to look at the other photo equipment as well ( 3-24-15 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris I’m asked all the time about any apps that I would suggest so I look often at what is out there.  I came across this page lately that I keep going back to.  It has a huge list of apps for all grades, subject areas.  In addition this site has some that are designed for stem. 3-24-15 Submitted by: David Smith Sometimes the passages we have students read are too complex for all readers.  Check out the site below. Rewordify is like a super-sophisticated Text Compactor on steroids. You type or paste text into the box and it will reword the text. 3-24-15 Submitted by: Justin Sims There are plenty of shortcuts to use instead of just left clicking through several windows.  Here is list of a few quick hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts that I find the most useful.  You have to hit both buttons at the same time hints the + ctrl + p = print ctrl + c = copy ctrl + v = paste ctrl + s = save ctrl + z = undo for typing or editing ctrl + y= redo for typing or editing (to undo your undo) ctrl + t = open a new tab in friefox/chrome ctrl + n = open a new window in firefox/chrome ctrl + tab = switch to next tab in firefox/chrome ctrl + homekey = go to start of page ctrl + end = go to end of page alt + tab = minimize/switch window alt + f4 = close/exit application alt + f = open main menu options 3-24-15 Submitted by: Vicki Clinton Click Here to see the Techy Tips for March March 31, 2015 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris I’m asked a lot about mail and mail settings so I’ve been making a little information sheet up about the various ways you can get mail. From the web mail (owa) to outlook (Microsoft office setup) or tablets they are all similar and yet so different…….   Recently I have had to do some digging about why some users see different things when they log into web mail from others mail.  It has to do with the browser you use and what version of owa that you use. The little cheat sheet I’ve attached will explain it some more.   The sheet also gives a little info if you wish to use your phone or table to receive mail on.   Hope this helps clarify some things. Click Here to See Outlook Email Sheet
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