January 2015   1-6-15 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris Tired of using flash drives to share stuff between your other teachers, etc?   Do you use drop box?  I use it so I can always access certain files no matter where I am.  You can start off for free.  You only pay if you use up your free space.  I don’t pay and I have many files uploaded. Pics or videos will eat up your storage but normal documents won’t. If you use drop box, do you know you can share particular folders with others?  I started this recently with my techies.  I put techie documents etc in the shared folder. Send out the invitation, they accept and they can see the folder.  I have my folder where the techies can add to the folder.    You can have multiple folders and multiple shares. Didn’t know if this is something that you might be interested in but thought I’d share.   Head to www.dropbox.com to download it if you don’t have it.  It should be open in the firewall. They have a video with instructions on how to install it if you are hesitant to try.  I just chose the default options when I installed mine. Nothing fancy.   If you have it but can’t login to it anymore reset your password. I forgot my password. How do I reset it? To reset your password, click Forgot password? from the sign-in page or the Security tab of your account settings (if you're signed in).  or go to www.dropbox.com and click support and choose I can’t remember password. Enter the email address you used to create the account and an email will be sent with a link you can use to reset your password. If you don't receive an email, check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. You can also add no-reply@dropbox.com to your address book and then verify your email address again. When using the Dropbox desktop application, you only need your password when you first install the Dropbox desktop application or whenever you link or relink your computer to your Dropbox account. Control all access to your Dropbox account via the Security tab of your account settings on the Dropbox website.       What I like the best about it.    : )   I have attached a word document showing you my drop box folder and how to do a share so you can share just specific folders with specific persons or people.  You can have multiple shares with different people.  Remember photos or videos will eat up your free storage but documents won’t unless you have a ton of them to share or to put on drop box.   I encourage you to check this out. 1-13-15 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris Today’s Technology Tuesday will be for ipads, iphones.   While you may be able to do some of the same features on androids I am not familiar as much with that IOS.   Tip 1:  You can take a screen shot of anything on your iphone, ipad by pressing the home and the on/off button.  The screen flashes and it places the screen shot in your photos. Tip 2:  need to email a photo? Go to photo and click it and then the little button that looks like a page with an arrow.  You can then email, message the photo. Tip 3:  mess up a text message and need it all erased?  (before you press send of course)  shake the phone, it acts like an etch a sketch and erases the entire message you were typing. Tip 4: Need to restrict access on an ipad or iphone for children?   Go to settings, general, accessibility.  It will walk you through how to lock a certain app to be open all the time or restrict children from getting into settings, etc.  you will need to create a passcode to do this. Tip 5:  Tired of typing the same thing again and again?  Let the device do it for you.  For example.  I have to type my email address or user logins many times.  Create a short cut and then once you type the first couple of letters it will complete it for you.    Go to settings, general, keyboard.    Follow the prompts.    For example you can type omw and it will convert it to be on  my way.   On my device I type in jrw and it completes my personal email address for me.    I know some of you know more great IPAD, IPHONE tips, please share. And if you are an Android guru we would love to learn about the android tips, tricks from you.  1-13-15 Submitted by: Justin Sims Some of you with iPad 2's, like myself, may have noticed that everything is going a bit slower after upgrading to ios 8.   We are basically forced to update anyway to avoid bugs, and use newer apps.  You can increase your ipad's performance by doing the following: 1. Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Turn it on 2. (this makes that sleek transparency disappear) Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast > Reduce Transparency > Turn it on For those of you this doesn't make sense, come see me.  If your iPad is fine, don't worry about it. 1-20-15 Submitted by: Vicki Clinton During PES's staff development, I share some lil tidbits (PDF) of information called Techy Tips.  Just CLICK HERE and print or download, some items are school specific and some are not. 1-20-15 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris I want to share a site that Richard Paul (PES) and Randell Pardue (GHS) introduced to us last year.  We use it quite a bit now. It is a website where you can select several programs to download in one spot.  It is called ninite. https://ninite.com/ You can download apps, browsers, helper applications such as java, Silverlight.  You can also download open office, pdf reader and drop box.  Take a look and see if you will like it as much as the GPSB techies do.  : ) 1-20-15 Submitted by: Justin Sims I've noticed that house keeping for windows is just as important as anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.  A lot of my weird issues on computers such as programs not loading, application crashes, and intense slow downs are fixed by running utility programs.  I recommend two -glary utilities and Advance System Care. Glary Utilities:  A very mature and practical interface.  Doesn't come with any annoying additional downloads. Fixes windows registry errors Fixes Shortcut Errors Repairs disc errors Cleans of temporary files to save space and ram (this is where this program shines) Checks for boot errors Advance System care:  Comes with a lot of features.  It does try to get you to download a lot of different things by the company like smart defrag...etc, so you have to pay attention during the install.  It also runs a system check in the top right corner that is annyoing unless you turn it off after instillation. Fixes Registry Errors Defrags Registry Fixes Shortcut Errors Cleans  out some temporary files Fixes Browser errors (This is where the program shines) Scans for basic malware Checks for windows security updates Defrags computer Erase cache history Defrag's boot data And more It also comes with the ibiot uninstaller that is good about removing hidden files and stuff you don't want any more, and letting you view just what toolbars and addons you have for every browser. It also has an auto repair and an auto restart button. 1-21-15 Submitted by: Lou Ann Edwards Acadia Parish Schools “Middle School Resources 1/27/15 Submitted by: Justin Sims https://www.graphite.org/         Graphite.org is a multi-media review site dedicated to providing educators with recommendations and reviews of technology from apps, websites, and online based curriculums.  You can narrow your search for android apps, ipad apps, websites, and pricing.  It also allows you to search for specific ccss for all subjects, and will show you which websites and apps address that specific standard (This is called common core explorer)!         It provides two types of reviews for all educational media –learning rating and teacher rating.  The former is an analysis from a specific  criteria developed by reviewers from graphite.org.  The latter is a collection of teacher reviews that are submitted directly to the website; this lets you know how it actually performs inside the classroom instead of on paper.  There is also much more!  Its a good way to find more applications to use in your classroom and with your students. 1/27/15 Submitted by: Janet Lincecum Hundreds of experiments for all ages. http://science-mattersblog.blogspot.com Activities By Branch of Science General Science Earth Science Life Science Physical Science
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