December 2015   4-7-15 Submitted by: Rhonda Norris                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I wanted share more about Google Drive.  Everyone that has a gpsb email address has google drive available to use.  Think of it as a filing cabinet in the sky.. : ) You can keep your documents there and can access from anywhere, home, work, vacation. (some of us can't stop) lol    You can make folders within drive and share out with all or one or a few.  You create the link and email it to them and them can get to the folder.  Or you can keep all your files private on drive or have a mix of private and shared like I do. With shared folders you can set it where they can just view or can make changes to the documents within the shared folder. You have unlimited storage in google drive so do be afraid to use it. The hardest thing is getting the stuff to drive.   To do this: log into google click the 9 squares(top right corner) click drive. (triangle) you are now in drive.   click new (in red)   you can select to make a folder or to upload a file. if you select upload file it opens a window for you to locate the file to upload. You can upload multiple files at a time.  You can even upload a folder to drive. That's the hardest part is finding where your stuff is on the computer.... :) The only drawback is that you can not choose what folder to upload to in drive that I can find.  so you have to click and drag in drive to a folder to organize your stuff once you upload it to drive. Drive will be especially beneficial if you think you have a computer that is getting old or on the fritz.. upload your stuff and never be without it again!  Give it a try... You will love it! 12/16/2015 Submitted by:  Rhonda Norris If you are like me you have tons of photos on your phones or ipads or computers that you would hate to lose.   Enter Google photos. Download the app or the program.  Log into google with your gpsb account (where we have unlimited storage.)   You of course can do this with a different gmail account but you may have to pay for storage where gpsb does not since we are an educational organization.  : ) It asks you what you would like to backup.  You can take the defaults of my pictures and memory cards or you can add specific folders where your pictures reside. It will now be backed up in your google drive.     It does take a while for the photos to get backed up.  But now you have them anywhere.... : ) And the best part.... is it will categorize them and you can search them.  The example we were given at LaCue is she searched for ice cream. It brought up any picture she had that had ice cream in the picture.  Really worth the time to look at this. Enjoy! 12/17/2015 Submitted by:  David Smith So, yesterday I attended the regional AT meeting.  The AT Center has purchased a limited number of licenses to the video training site "Atomic Learning".  On this site you will find instructional videos for many software and web tools (Microsoft Office, Google, Open Office, Snagit, .... the list goes on and on).  Most videos are simple to the point and are 2 -5 minutes in length.  While I can't share the login info with you I can share the videos with you.  So, if you are needing instructions look on the site and see if there is a video that will help you (use search tab).  Email me the series title and the name of the video(s) you would like to view and I will share them with you. Yesterday Rhonda shared with you Google Photos.  Atomic Learning has a set of videos for Google Photos.  So if you are interested in using Google Photos check out the instructional videos below. Accessing Google Photos   Creating an album   Uploading photos   What are collections?   Adjusting settings   Editing photos  
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