April 2015   4-14-15 Submitted by:  Rhonda Norris                                                                                                                                                                                   Creating appointment or meeting invites in mail.   With the mail client you can do many things.  One of the features I use often and think some of you might like is the option to create a meeting invite or to add appointments to your calendar.  Your email will then remind you of the appointment or meeting.   To do this in Microsoft Outlook(which I use instead of web mail): Open Outlook Click home and then new items and the list will come up.  You can choose appointment, meeting, etc   I chose meeting for the screen shot.  You would then type in the recipient(s) email address(s) and add a subject and choose the appropriate time.  Outlook will let you know if you have a conflict with another appointment or meeting.  (I don’t know about you but I need all the help I can get with this.) You can add a message to the invitees and then send it. If you choose meeting then the invitee will get an email and then they can click accept, decline or suggest a different time for the meeting.     If you use the web based version, you click options, calendar and then new meeting request. Then add the info as necessary.   You can also send on vacation or out of office replies with mail as well.  With owa(web based) you click options, then out of office assistant. With Outlook you click File and then info, then select out of office message.   With the web version of email you can see what mobile devices have logged into your email account. You can delete the device from the log if you used someone else’s ipad, phone to login and you are worried about them somehow getting back into your email with saved password option. I use this occasionally just to check my email account. 4-21-15 Submitted by: Justin Sims Symbaloo and thinglink 1.     http://www.symbaloo.com/ This website/app is the best way to send someone a visual collection of websites or ios apps.  It makes an organized collage of icons that can be clicked on to explore and/or download.    For example, here is a link someone made of education games: http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/educationalgames21?searched=true 2.    https://www.thinglink.com/ Thinglink is a great tool that lets you put pictures, video, question polls, and text links within an image.   For example, here is a map of South East ASia with videos and links for more information within select areas of the image: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/629348660387250178
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