The Grant Parish School Board welcomes and encourages parents and other school patrons to visit the schools at appropriate times; in fact, special programs and visiting days may be planned throughout each school year to provide opportunity for such visits.


Principals shall be responsible for establishing procedures that ensure the proper protection of instructional time and the welfare of the students and employees.  In accordance with state law, no person is allowed on school grounds or in school buildings or facilities without authorization from the appropriate school official.  Therefore, all visitors shall report to the principal's office immediately upon coming onto school grounds for their visit.  Office personnel, principal, counselor, etc., shall be made aware of the purpose of the visit.  If at all possible, all visits should be pre-arranged.  Principals are authorized to take the necessary steps in dealing with unauthorized visitors.


The Board, in accordance with state law, shall authorize principals, school administrators, or school security guards to search the person, and any item in the possession of a person who is not a student enrolled in school, or any school employee, while in or on any school property.  The search may be conducted at random with a metal detector, or physically when there is reasonable suspicion that such person has any weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, stolen goods, or other materials which violate Board policy.




Without exception, sexual offenders shall not be allowed on or in the property of any elementary or secondary school, or any motor vehicle or other means of conveyance owned, leased, or contracted by such school to transport students to or from school or a school-related activity when persons under the age of eighteen years are present on the school property or in a school vehicle.  School property for the purpose of this policy, means any property used for school purposes, including but not limited to school buildings, playgrounds, and parking lots.  Sexual offender shall mean any person identified as such by a court of law.


Revised:  December, 1991

Revised:  October, 1994

Revised:  February, 2013



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง15:536, 15:538, 17:416.6, 17:416.10

Board minutes, 4-2-13


Grant Parish School Board