The only type of corporal punishment which may be administered to students by employees of the Grant Parish school system shall be as defined or described in Section 2 hereof. They may be administered only by those persons designated in Section 3 hereof and only under the conditions set forth in Section 4 hereof.


Section 2


  1. Corporal punishment for purposes of this resolution, and use in this school system is defined as, and limited to, punishing or correcting a student by striking the student on the buttocks with a paddle provided by the School Board not more than five (5) times.  When such corporal punishment is administered to a student, it must be administered in a reasonable manner taking into consideration the age, size, emotional conditions and health of the student.

  2. Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted as prohibiting an employee from using physical force, reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances, in defending himself/herself against a physical attack by a student or from using physical force, reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances, to restrain a student from attacking another student or employee.


Section 3


  1. Corporal punishment, as defined herein, shall be administered only by a principal, assistant principal or teacher designated by the principal.  Such corporal punishment shall be administered only in a specific place designated by the principal and only in the presence of another member of the professional staff of the school.

  2. Corporal punishment shall not be administered to girls by a male faculty member, the only exception being the principal and he/she shall have present a female staff member.


Section 4


  1. Students may be offered the choice of corporal punishment in lieu of the short term suspension for violation of school regulations.

  2. Prior to the administering of corporal punishment, as in the case with other disciplinary measures, the principal, assistant principal or teacher, as the case may be, shall advise the student of the particular misconduct of which he/she is accused as well as the basis for such accusation and the pupil shall be given an opportunity to explain his or her version of the facts prior to imposition of such corporal punishment.

  3. A record of each incident of corporal punishment (Corporal Punishment Incidence Checklist) shall be kept which shall include the name of the student and the time, date, details of the violation, form of discipline administered, the person administering such discipline and the signature of the witness thereto.  These records shall be made available to the parish superintendent upon request and to the child's parents upon request.  A copy of the record, upon request by the parent shall also be forwarded to the Superintendent.


Revised:  March, 2012



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Grant Parish School Board