Discipline in school is a by-product of good teaching.  A well-planned program that is interesting and challenging to students will, as a rule, prevent disciplinary problems.  The objective of discipline is to teach and motivate students to develop self-discipline.


Each teacher shall work to create a good learning climate in the classroom.  In order to do this, the teacher has the right to expect each child to behave appropriately.  No student shall be allowed to interfere with the learning of another.


Classroom rules shall be established with not only consequences but also steps for positive reinforcement, as follow:



All teachers and tutors will be responsible for handling discipline in their classroom and on duty.  Everyone is expected to work together and control any problem that arises.  However, every teacher shall teach the classroom, school, and parish rules and promote good sportsmanship, courtesy, pride in the school, and conduct along with academic subject matter.



Parents shall be informed of the school-wide discipline plan and shall sign a statement of support.



Disciplining of students shall be in accordance with the following:



Enforce classroom rules by



Removing certain privileges



Rewarding positive behavior



Implement the school discipline referral process;


Step 1:

After repeated behavior problems by the child at school, the teacher shall conduct a conference and the child shall sign the Behavior Contract.


Step 2:

If the contract is broken by the student, the teacher may choose to contact the parent by telephone to:



Have the parent talk to the child on the phone. (See Parent Telephone Conference). If the parent is not reached by phone, send PARENT NOTIFICATION LETTER #1.



During the telephone contact, the teacher will explain if step 4 becomes necessary the principal, assistant principal, or principal's designee will meet with the parent and child.



The teacher shall arrange for a parent/ teacher/child conference to discuss the continuing problems.



If the parent is not reached by phone, send PARENT NOTIFICATION LETTER #2.



If no response, the teacher shall send a letter from the principal, PARENT NOTIFICATION LETTER #1a.



Structured parent conference procedures.


Step 3:

Should the inappropriate behavior persist, a conference shall be conducted.



The principal, assistant principal, or principal's designee shall phone the parent to set up conference time.  



 If the parent cannot be reached by phone, a letter will be sent to the parent, PARENT NOTIFICATION #3 to set up conference time.


Step 4: 

Should problems continue, the teacher shall complete the referral report and accompany the child to the principal's office.



The principal shall conduct a conference with the teacher and child.



The principal will contact the parent by phone or by letter to discuss action to be taken.



Administrative action will be taken.


* If the behavior is severe enough, the teacher may skip steps 1 - 3 and go directly to step 4.



Conduct grades will be given each six weeks.  The teacher will make the determination of the letter grade relevant to student performance during class/school proceedings.  Conduct shall include student behaviors, such as non-completion of work, attitude, participation, attention, cooperation, and self-control.


Parents will be kept informed about the student's progress.  The conduct grade will be indicated on mid-progress report and report card each six weeks.





All out-of-school suspensions for students 12 years and up will be served at the alternative school at the Dry Prong Junior High campus.  At the Superintendent's discretion, students may be given out-of-school suspension in lieu of alternative school placement.



Parents will be responsible for transportation to and from the school.  Alternative school hours are from 8:30 A.M. until 2:30 P.M.



Assignment dates will be made by the principal of the sending school in conjunction with the administrator of the alternative school.



Suspended students assigned to the alternative school forfeit all rights to attend any extracurricular or co-curricular activities at any school in Grant Parish or at any school outside Grant Parish if a Grant Parish school is participating.



Lunches will be provided.  However, proper payment must be made on a daily basis.  No charging whatsoever will be allowed.  Students may bring their own lunch if desired.  No student will be allowed to leave the campus for lunch.



Students are to bring all textbooks and needed materials with them to the alternative school each day.  The role of the alternative school is to ensure that a student's education is not discontinued.  Lesson plans will be provided by the students' teachers at the sending school.



Attendance of students assigned to the alternative school shall be mandatory.  This means that if a student is suspended out of school for five (5) days, he/she must successfully complete five (5) full days at the alternative school before being allowed to return to his/her home school.  Verification of this stipulation must be made by the principal of the home school prior to re-entry.


Revised:  June, 1995

Revised:  September, 1997

Revised:  September, 1995

Revised:  October, 1997

Revised:  February, 1996

Revised:  August, 1998

Revised:  April, 1996

Revised:  July, 1999

Revised:  January, 1997

Revised:  April, 2001



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Grant Parish School Board