The Grant Parish School Board fully recognizes the responsibility police or child protection agencies have to protect all citizens by enforcing the laws of the community.  The School Board, in turn, has the responsibility to protect the students attending the schools of the district.  Therefore, public agency officials may visit the school to obtain information or on other official business.  Any public agency official entering school premises, however, shall be required to report first to the office of the principal, state his or her purpose, and produce proper identification.


A student may not be interviewed during the school day or periods of extracurricular activities unless the principal or another delegated staff member is present.  If police officers or other officials request an interview for any issue other than child abuse, as a courtesy an attempt shall be made to contact the student's parents or legal guardian and such notification shall be documented and verified by a witness.  However, the safety of the student body and employees and/or the urgency of the situation allows for administrative discretion.  Therefore, an interrogation shall not be delayed, if the safety of students/employees is in question.


If the attempt to contact the student’s parents or legal guardian prior to the interrogation is unsuccessful, the principal or his/her delegated staff shall pursue attempts until contact is made.


If the topic of the interview is child abuse and the investigator determines that the child should be interviewed independently of his or her parent(s) and the school is the most appropriate setting for the interview, school officials may permit the investigation without contacting the parents.  It will be the responsibility of the investigator in abuse cases to determine who will be present during the interview.


No student may be taken from school without the consent of the building principal and without proper warrant, attachment, or subpoena.  Reasonable efforts shall be made to notify the parent/guardian.  In all cases, the welfare of the child and the protection of his or her constitutional rights shall be the principal's first consideration.



Ref:   La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81

Board minutes, 2-7-06


Grant Parish School Board