The Grant Parish School Board, to help ensure the safety of its students and employees, has approved the use of metal detectors in schools.  Strict guidelines will be followed to ensure that searches conducted with a metal detector are lawful, unbiased, and respectful of the right of privacy.  This policy is based on La. R.S. §17:416.3, Paragraph A, Subsection (2) (B).




School systems in Louisiana are faced with ever-increasing violence and the use of weapons on or adjacent to school campuses and at after-school social functions.  In this connection, it is generally believed that walk-through and metal detectors could prove useful as a deterrent when utilized in a publicized search program.  The purpose of these guidelines is to deter students from bringing weapons onto school property, thus reducing the potential for violent incidents.





Signs shall be posted outside the entrances to School Board facilities in order to provide notice to all persons that they are subject to search as a condition of entry.



The parent or guardian of every student should be notified that searches will be conducted.  This notice should be done in a way to ensure that the parents have received the notice.



The parent of the student will be notified if a weapon is found.




Only those administrators who have been trained and certified in the use of metal detectors are allowed to make searches.


The search plan will be as follows:



Search students at random as they enter school, enter the cafeteria, and leave school, search all or every third, fourth, or fifth student.



Select at random an entire class to search upon entering, and/or upon leaving the classroom.



Search all students as they enter or leave the premises.





A principal or administrator may search the person of a student or individual with or without a metal detector when the administrator has a reasonable suspicion that the student or individual has in possession a weapon, illegal drugs or other contraband.




When conducting a detector search of a student or individual the administrator shall request that all metal objects be removed from pockets and placed on a tray, along with any bags or parcels being carried.  If the detector activates on the individual, the administrator conducting the search shall request that any remaining metal objects be removed.  If the detector activates again the individual should be taken to a private area and personally searched by a search team member of the same sex.  A witness of the same sex should be present during this portion of the procedure.  Full strip searches are to be avoided.  Once the object causing the metal detector to activate has been removed, the individual shall be searched again with the metal detector, and the search will continue only if the detector activates again.  A physical exam will be made of all bags and parcels belonging to the individual.




Should an individual be found in possession of contraband (such as weapons, illegal drugs, or other prohibited objects), the search team member shall notify the appropriate school official and/or law enforcement officer.  The law enforcement officer shall take custody of all weapons and illegal drugs.  The administrator should attempt to notify parents of a student when a discovery of contraband has been made.




All property removed from an individual that is not prohibited by School Board policy shall be returned to the individual upon completion of the search.




Following completion of a search of students, the search team should conduct a perimeter search of the school grounds for weapons or other contraband.




During the school day students shall not enter automobiles on or near campus without permission from teacher or principal.  This will reduce student access to weapons or contraband.



Ref:   La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:416, 17:416.3

State v. Stein, 203 Kan. 638 456 P.2d (1969)

Board minutes, 3-2-95


Grant Parish School Board