In a democratic society, parents have the right to expect a well-maintained and disciplined school; and students are entitled to a school environment that will provide the opportunity for them to achieve at maximum levels.  In order for that to be realized, school authorities must maintain an orderly, healthy atmosphere that meets the physical and emotional needs of the students.  They must also provide firm, fair treatment in all matters related to school life.  Therefore, the formulation and enactment of minimum policies are essential to the maintenance of harmonious living and the attainment of the goals of our society. All individuals must conform to these regulations in order for these goals to be realized.


Our form of government guarantees many individual rights and privileges, but each of these must be balanced with an individual responsibility to the promotion of the common good of all people. Under this premise, individual rights must give way to the rights of all when there is conflict.  Thus, one of the responsibilities of an American citizen is participation in the governmental process.  The Grant Parish School Board, the Superintendent and staff, administrators, teachers, parents and students have participated in the formulation of this uniform policy statement of rules and regulations for Grant Parish Schools.


All regulations contained herein are consistent with or supplement existing Louisiana School laws, including Act 194 and Act 306 of the 1970 Legislature.



Grant Parish School