The Grant Parish School Board shall require pupil promotion and retention in parish schools to be based upon an evaluation of each pupil's achievement in terms of appropriate instructional goals.  Minimum parish­wide standards for promotion and retention are established in the Pupil Progression Plan and shall govern the placement of students.  Pupils meeting the minimum standards and other criteria established in this plan shall be eligible for promotion and/or credit.  Regulations set by the Board and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) must also be met in order to receive credit.


Pupils who do not satisfactorily achieve established objectives for the grade to which they are assigned shall be retained.  Pupil retention shall be used as one procedure to provide pupils with additional time to master the skills required for success in the next higher grade.  These students will be assigned in accordance with procedures set forth in the Pupil Progression Plan, to one of several available compensatory and/or remedial programs within the regular school or summer program.  These programs shall emphasize basic skills instruction for those pupils who have not met applicable promotional standards.  Upon completion of such programs, pupils will be reassessed to ensure that promotional standards have been met.



Ref:   La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:24.4


Grant Parish School Board