The Grant Parish School Board shall be committed to providing for each of its schools a program of student activities to all students in a manner which allows students equal opportunity to participate in services and activities.  All activities shall be in compliance with pertinent regulations of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).


No student shall be allowed to participate in any event on the day or night while the student is under suspension from school.


All work missed by students while participating in student activities or events shall be made up and completed in a manner that would be required of any other students in order to receive credit.




Co-curricular activities are activities that are relevant, supportive, that are an integral part of the program of studies in which the student is enrolled, and that are under the supervision and/or coordination of the school instructional staff. 




Extracurricular activities are those activities which are not directly related to the program of studies, which are under the supervision and/or coordination of the school instructional staff, and which are considered valuable for the overall development of the student. 


Extracurricular activities shall not be scheduled during instructional time.


Notwithstanding any policy, rule, or regulation adopted by the School Board to the contrary, no student otherwise eligible to participate in an extracurricular activity, including interscholastic athletics, shall be limited in the number of such activities in which he/she may participate during the school year.


Drug Testing for Athletes and Extracurricular Activities


It is the policy of the Grant Parish School Board to take all precautions to assure that students shall be accorded every reasonable safety measure.  Extracurricular activity is not a required part of the educational process, and thus is not mandated by the Grant Parish School Board.  The Grant Parish School Board embraces the opportunity to minimize injuries to athletes and others who participate in interscholastic sports.


The School Board's main purpose is not to invade the privacy of the student/athlete but rather to bring to surface a potential health problem.  This would include any controlled substance dependency which by its very nature would be counter productive to the safety of the student/athlete and his/her companions.


The format that is adopted by the Grant Parish School Board to accomplish the above enunciated procedure will be:


  1. A physical examination by a licensed physician.

  2. A copy of the physical examination form of the athlete to be kept by the Athletic Department.

  3. One or more urine analyses to ascertain the presence of controlled substances, if selected to be tested.


The tests shall be strictly enforced and participation shall be mandatory since the parents/guardians have freely chosen to allow their son/daughter to participate in the interscholastic sports.  No student shall be tested unless the parents/guardians and the student sign a contract and consent form from both the School Board and the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) giving permission to have the test performed, and no student shall be eligible to compete in any LHSAA sponsored event unless these forms are properly signed.  By signing, the parents and the student acknowledge that they have consented to the administration of the tests and waive any claim of invasion of privacy and also waive any objection to the furtherance of this program.


The urine sample shall be collected by certified personnel and the test shall be administered by licensed laboratory representatives.  Each participating school shall randomly select 25% of the total number of athletes to be tested over a period of eight (8) months beginning in September and ending in April.  The results of the tests shall be kept strictly confidential in the Principal's office.  Parents of students who yield a positive test result shall be notified immediately and must meet with the Principal and Athletic Director. A positive test result shows evidence that substances are present in the student's/athlete's system.


It is important to note that regular school disciplinary policies apply to the student/athlete who is caught at school in illegal possession of or under the influence of alcohol and/or any controlled substance.  These procedures are only to be used to test for illegal controlled substances in the system of the student/athlete. 


In signing the consent forms, the parents/guardians further release the Grant Parish School Board from any liabilities in connection with the administration of test results, warranties as to accuracy of said test results, and medical procedures used by the referring laboratories.


It is further understood by signing the forms that the parents/guardians and the student/athlete agree that the Grant Parish School Board assumes no responsibility for diagnosing or treating any disease that may become known as a result of said laboratory tests.


If the student/athlete has been taking medication, he/she shall be able to indicate this prior to the administration of the test and shall designate the prescribing physician.


The procedures to be followed if a positive test result surfaces shall be provided to all students and parents.




Participation in student activities is a voluntary privilege where the student is representative of his/her family, school, and community.  Thus, a high standard of behavior is expected of those choosing to participate in any co-curricular or extracurricular activities, including athletics.


  1. Academics

    All co-curricular/extracurricular participants must meet requisite academic eligibility requirements established by the co-curricular/extracurricular group/organization governing body and the School Board.

  2. Absences

    On the day of a game or extracurricular/co-curricular activity, the student shall attend at least ½ of his/her regular school day classes to be eligible to participate.  Exceptions shall be made for verified doctor, dental excuses, or for a funeral, if arrangements are made in advance.  Parental excuses shall not be accepted.

  3. Conduct


    1. Use/Possession of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, or fighting during the school year (24 hours per day, 7 days per week, regardless of location), shall result in the following disciplinary actions:


1st Positive Test


•    Four (4) week suspension from athletics/extracurricular activity.


•    Must complete four (4) hours of counseling at the student’s cost.


•    Must pass drug test before reinstatement.  Cost of test shall be paid by the student.


•    Must test monthly throughout the school year at the student’s cost.


2nd  Positive Test


•    One (1) calendar year suspension from athletic/extracurricular activity.


•    Eight (8) hours of counseling, paid for by the student.


•    Must test monthly for one (1) calendar year at student’s cost.


3rd Positive Test


•    Liftetime ban from all sports and extracurricular activities.


    1. Suspensions

      A student receiving three (3) in-school or out-of-school suspensions for three (3) separate occurrences shall be removed from the team/group for the remainder of the year.

    2. Ejection from Game/Athletic Contest by an Official

      Any athlete/participant ejected by an official must sit out the next game/competition unless overturned by a review by the coach, athletic director, and school administrators.

    3. Due Process

      The written appeal must be made within three (3) days after disciplinary action has been taken, if the athlete/participant wishes to appeal the decision.  The appeal process shall follow the criteria established by the Grant Parish School Board.

    4. Violations

      Offenses shall be reported by teachers, administrators, or law enforcement agencies. Conviction or breaking a major criminal or civil law is included in this behavior code.


  1. When a student/athlete participates in a sport or event and then chooses to resign (quit), he/she shall become ineligible to participate for one (1) calendar year.  Students who resign with the consent of the coaches and administrative staff are exempt.




All non-academic and extracurricular services and activities shall be offered to all exceptional students in a manner that allows them equal opportunity to participate in services and activities.




All students involved in any extracurricular and/or co-curricular activity shall be required to purchase school accident insurance unless the parents of the student sign a waiver stating that they are aware that the school accident insurance is available and that they have declined to participate in this program and therefore, shall be responsible for all medical bills incurred in case their child is injured participating in these activities and shall not hold the School Board liable for any injury or any process, procedure, activity, or costs related to the injury.


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Revised:  October, 2007

Revised:  March, 2003

Revised:  May, 2013

Revised:  October, 2003

Revised:  August, 2013



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