The Grant Parish School Board, in accordance with statutory requirements, shall require all female students in grades seven through twelve, except those whose religious beliefs conflict herewith, to be given instruction in the proper procedures for breast self-examination and the need for an annual Pap Test for cervical cancer.


The school nurse shall provide this instruction once each school year as a part of the regular physical education program, The school nurse shall work with the principal to develop a schedule for the instruction.


The school principal shall notify the female student's parents or guardians, of the schedule for the instruction and of the student's right not to participate if it conflicts with her religious beliefs.


A written statement from the parent or guardian stating there is a conflict with religious beliefs shall be filed with the principal of the school to excuse a student from receiving this instruction.


Instruction for male students in the techniques of testicular self-examination shall be provided consonant with the policy stated above.



Ref:   La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:275, 17:281


Grant Parish School Board