The basic concern of Grant Parish school personnel is to help students prepare for life by learning to cope with emotional stresses brought about due to limitations and failures.  In order to do this, the school believes that each individual should be accepted at his/her own level of development and guided in such a way that he/she learns what is expected of him/her.  We expect each student to mature to his/her utmost capacity emotionally, intellectually, socially and vocationally.


We believe that students with learning difficulties can be helped to learn sufficiently to be able to enter into the world of work as contributing members of our society.  Each will be assisted in becoming a happy, self-supporting, tax-paying individual with pride in his/her ability to work and in his/her contribution to the community.


The school system needs to provide the necessary leadership, coordination, management, evaluation, and training necessary to insure a smooth transition of responsibility.


The following statements support the philosophy of the Board and its administration.  These statements give additional direction in defining our purpose.



Quality instruction should be provided for each student.



An individualized curriculum for each student is a responsibility of the school system.



All students can learn and reach individual acceptable standards designed for their needs and abilities.



Adequate personnel, facilities, equipment, materials, and auxiliary services should be furnished by the school system.



It is necessary to inform the public concerning the direction and needs of the school system.



Adequate inservice professional training, leadership training, and complete evaluation of all components of program should be provided.



Proper liaison and cooperation between all agencies, professional groups, clubs, etc., whose responsibility it is to provide service and/or assistant youth and adults is a necessity.



Budgeting-accountability and service to operate in a businesslike manner is essential.



Proper rapport with Louisiana Department of Education is to be maintained to insure high quality governmental support of the school system.



Grant Parish School Board