Grant Parish School Board believes in and is committed to providing a safe workplace by establishing policies promoting high standards of health and safety.  In keeping with this objective, it is Grant Parish School Board's intent to maintain a drug/alcohol-free workplace and workforce.


All employees are expected to report to work in a physical and emotional condition that allows them to perform their assigned tasks in a competent and safe manner.  Therefore, the use, abuse, presence in the body or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other impairing substances by an employee is strictly prohibited.  These scenarios limit the ability of the user to exercise good judgment, to react properly in unexpected situations or to perform tasks safely and efficiently.  They endanger not only that employee, but also coworkers, the public and property.


Everyone shares responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment.  Employees with drug/alcohol problems are encouraged to seek early assistance from an approved counseling/rehabilitation program.  The goal of this policy is to provide a safe, productive and healthful working environment for employees of Grant Parish School Board while maintaining respect for individual privacy rights and confidentiality.




Grant Parish School Board recognizes the problem of drug/alcohol abuse in today’s society.  In addition, substance abuse as a serious threat (to the abusing employee, staff, and the public).  Though employees may be required by a physician to use prescription drugs, abuse of prescribed medications shall be handled the same as the abuse of illegal substances.  Therefore, this workplace drug testing policy shall be established to ensure to the extent possible that the work sites operated by the Grant Parish School Board shall have a drug/alcohol-free environment.


Objectives of this policy include:


  1. To assist in maintaining a safe and healthful working environment for employees of Grant Parish School Board.

  2. To maintain a drug/alcohol-free workplace and workforce.

  3. To inform employees of the availability of counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs.

  4. To prevent accidental injuries or deaths and to protect property.

  5. To minimize absenteeism and tardiness, to improve productivity and to ensure quality workmanship.

  6. To protect the reputation of Grant Parish School Board and its employees within the community.

  7. To maintain respect for individual privacy rights and confidentiality through fair and reasonable procedures and protocols.




  1. Violations of Policy

    At any time employees are on School Board premises or on School Board business, the following activities are strictly prohibited:  the illegal use of any drug, narcotic or controlled substance; the possession, transit, transfer or purchase of illegal or unauthorized drugs; the use, abuse, presence in the body or reporting to work under the influence of drugs/alcohol or other intoxicants; the sale of illegal or unauthorized drugs or substances or drug-related paraphernalia.  Any employee in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action, including immediate discharge.  Depending on the circumstances, other action, including notification of appropriate law enforcement agencies, may be taken against any employee who violates this policy.


  1. Definitions

    For the purpose of this policy, School Board premises shall encompass all Grant Parish School Board property or any other site used for the performance of work done in connection with employment by the School Board.

    For the purpose of this policy, employees are on School Board business whenever on duty and under Grant Parish School Board's control, whether at other worksites or during transit to and from those worksites or while in the course and scope of Grant Parish School Board's employment or pay status.

    For the purpose and application of this policy, employees shall include all full-time, part-time, contract, and temporary workers.  This policy equally applies to all employees.  Compliance with this policy shall be required as a condition of continued employment for all employees.


  1. Drug Classification

    The prohibitions addressed by this policy pertain to, but are not limited by, the following overview of drugs/alcohol.  Their presence, or the presence of any other illegal or unauthorized drug in the employee in any detectable amount (unless stipulated) while working, shall be prohibited.


    1. Illegal Drugs, Unauthorized Controlled Substances, Look-a-Likes, Inhalants of Abuse, Designer and Synthetic Drugs.  These include, but are not limited to, central nervous system stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamines; hallucinogens; PCP or Phencyclidine; narcotic analgesics as found in opium (like morphine and codeine) or opium derivatives (heroin); inhalants from volatile solvents like glue, paint or gasoline or from aerosols like hair sprays, deodorants or insecticides or from anesthetic gases like ether, chloroform or amyl nitrate; cannabis such as found in marijuana, hashish or has oil.

    2. Unauthorized Use of Intoxicating Beverages.  An employee who tests positive during a post-accident; or just cause/post-incident alcohol screening shall be in violation of this policy.

    3. Prescription Drugs (Legally Controlled Substances) and Off-The-Shelf Medicines.  The use of off-the-shelf drugs/medicines or those prescribed by a licensed physician for a given employee is permitted, provided work performance is not affected, under the following conditions:  employees must only possess a reasonable amount of medication; employees must not consume prescribed drugs more often than prescribed by their doctor and employees must not allow any other person to consume their prescribed drugs.


  1. Circumstances for Workplace Drug Testing

    Grant Parish School Board reserves the right in certain circumstances to require employees to submit to drug testing to determine the presence of illegal or unauthorized drugs/alcohol or other substances prohibited by this policy.  Each employee so tested shall be required to provide written consent prior to testing.  All testing shall be performed with concern for each employee's personal privacy, dignity and confidentiality.  The test results shall be disclosed on a need-to-know basis in order to administer the policy or as may be legally required.

    Substance abuse/alcohol tests may be administered for employees on the following grounds:


    1. Pre-employment;

    2. Return-to-duty;

    3. Reasonable suspicion;

    4. Post-accident;

    5. Random;

    6. As otherwise allowed by law.


  1. Notice of Grounds for Termination or Disciplinary Action for Violations of Workplace Substance Abuse Policy


    1. Employee Request for Help.  No employee's job shall be placed in jeopardy, nor shall any employee be subject to disciplinary action for voluntarily requesting help for alcohol and other drug addictions.  However, a request for assistance shall not excuse an employee from a policy violation immediately prior to or while an actual drug screen is being conducted or after the screen has been completed.

    2. Failure to Comply.  Failure to comply with the provisions of this policy, including not submitting to required medical examinations or tests when requested to do so, constitutes a policy violation and shall be considered grounds for disciplinary action.  Termination or suspension without pay from employment may occur even for a first offense, except as otherwise provided in this policy.

    3. Substance Abuse Violations.


      1. Illegal Drug Use. Any employee found in violation of this policy due to the use, abuse, presence in the body or reporting to work under the influence of illegal drugs or the bringing of illegal drugs onto Grant Parish School Board's premises; the use, possession, transit, transfer, storage, concealment, promotion, sale or attempt to sell any form of illegal drugs or substances while on School Board premises or on School Board business, at any time during the hours between the beginning and ending of the employee's work day; or the possession or sale or attempt to sell drug-related paraphernalia shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination .

      2. Alcohol Abuse.  Any employee who is under the influence of alcoholic beverages (any detectable amount) at any time while on School Board premises, on School Board business or at any time during the hours between the beginning and ending of the employee's work day shall be in violation of this policy and is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


  1. Counseling/Rehabilitation Programs

    Employees with drug/alcohol problems shall be encouraged to seek early assistance from an approved counseling/rehabilitation program.  Any employee participating in such a program shall be expected to maintain satisfactory job performance while doing so.  Confidentiality, in accordance with Grant Parish School Board's policies, shall be followed regarding a rehabilitation program.  If an employee must be away from work to receive treatment under a prescribed rehabilitation program, the employee’s absences shall be handled according to existing School Board policies regarding sick leave or leave of absence.  Employees shall be responsible for all costs associated with such counseling/rehabilitation programs.




Employees found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at work shall be immediately removed from their work assignments.  Continued employment of individuals with problems resulting from the use of alcohol or drugs shall depend on the seriousness of the condition and the employee’s willingness to seek and respond to treatment.  Any employee found to be selling or distributing unauthorized drugs or alcohol shall be subject to immediate termination.


New Policy:  October, 2006

Revised:  June, 2015



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