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The Grant Parish School Board shall provide a smoke-free/tobacco-free environment.  Smoking, carrying a lighted cigar or cigarette, pipe or any other form of smoking object or device, or possessing any lighted tobacco product or any other lighted combustible plant material, or chewing or otherwise consuming any tobacco or tobacco products shall be prohibited in any elementary or secondary school building, school bus or vehicle, or any Grant Parish School Board building or facility, or on the campus of any elementary or secondary school property or any other School Board property.  School Board property shall include any portable buildings, field houses, stadiums, equipment storage areas, vacant land, or any property owned, operated, or leased by the Board where any form of School Board business is or may be conducted.


Revised:  September, 2006

Revised:  October, 2008



Ref:    20 USC 6083 (Nonsmoking Policy for Children’s Services)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:240, 40:1291.1, 40:1291.2, 40:1291.3, 40:1291.11, 40:1291.21

Board minutes, 11-7-06, 6-10-08, 12-4-08


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