The Grant Parish School Board shall require personnel within the school district, who use their own vehicles while on official school business during the course of their employment, to carry appropriate automobile liability insurance.  The amount of coverage shall be that required by state law.


Persons using their own vehicles shall submit verification of coverage to the Superintendent or his/her designee before commencing any travel or being eligible for expense reimbursement.




Grant Parish School bus operators and/or other drivers who have traffic violations that result in a surcharge being applied to school board fleet insurance shall be assessed the full amount of the surcharge.  The full deduction shall be made from the employees' monthly earnings and shall not be spread over a time period of more than four (4) months.


Contract bus operators may choose to secure individual bus insurance from another company, but must furnish proof of insurance to the Grant Parish School Board that the required liability limits are met.  The required limits shall be the same as the liability limits on the Board's liability policy.


Revised: April, 1987



Ref:   Board minutes, 1-6-87


Grant Parish School Board