It is the policy of the Grant Parish School Board to abide by the provisions of the Copyright Law of the United States and the Congressional Guidelines that delineate it.


The Board does not sanction illegal use or duplication of copyrighted materials in any form.  Employees who willfully violate the copyright position of the Board do so at their own risk and assume all liability and responsibility.


Copying that violates the Copyright Law may not be ordered by a higher authority.


The School Board directs that:



Unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may not be produced on Board-owned equipment or within Board-owned facilities.



Unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may not be used with Board-owned equipment, within Board-owned facilities, or at Board-sponsored functions.



Information about copyright law and guidelines shall be made available to all employees.


The Board delegates to the Superintendent or designee the responsibility for informing employees of the Copyright policy of the Board and of provisions of the United States Copyright Law.


Since copyright law and its interpretation is under constant revision by the Courts and the Congress, these guidelines will require periodic study and updating.  All staff must comply with any court decision or change in the law that pertains to use of copyrighted materials in the educational setting.


Recoded:  December, 2006



Ref:    17 USC 101 et seq. (Copyright Act of 1976)


Grant Parish School Board