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The responsibility as a school bus operator is of great importance to the public school system of Louisiana.  Bus operators must practice utmost caution in transporting children to and from school.


With this in mind, the Grant Parish School Board has approved these safety practices for bus operators to observe:



Have concern for the SAFETY of the children.  (Bus operators are morally and ethically, as well as legally, responsible for transporting students using every precaution for maximum protection.)



Conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections on the vehicle and its special equipment.  Particular attention should be given to checking for passengers and items that may have remained on board after each run or trip has been completed.



Know the policies of the School Board concerning transportation.



Know the state and local traffic laws and ordinances governing school bus operations.



Participate in all required meetings, conferences and training courses to improve transportation skills.



Maintain proper care, repair and inspection of the bus.



Complete and submit required reports within specified time lines.



Be punctual and reliable in the operation of assigned routes.



Avoid the use of obscene language and gestures, tobacco, alcohol, and narcotic drugs while operating bus with or without students on board.  (Commercial Driver’s License DOT regulations and Drug-Free School Zone regulations must be followed.)



Instruct passengers on all local and state rules and regulations and maintain orderly conduct.



Use standard school bus behavior report forms as required.



Maintain good relations with students and their families, schools, central office and general public.



Observe carefully all signs, signals, rules of the road, and courtesy due others.  Drive on the right side of the road.  Never stop on the left side of the road.   



Do not travel faster than the legal speed limits, and never over 55 miles per hour. Allow for inclement weather or sub-standard road conditions.  Avoid jerky starting and sudden stopping.



Assure that the door is closed at all times when the bus is in motion.  Do not allow children to stand at or operate door.



Never leave the bus while the motor is running or leave students unattended.



Never drive backwards on the school grounds; always have a guide when backing a bus.



Bring the bus to a stop on the right-hand side of the road with the bus as close to the white fog line as possible before taking on or letting off children. Use signal lights in accordance with Louisiana state laws.



According to Louisiana state law, put the transmission in neutral and set the parking brake when taking on or letting off students.



Transport only pupils registered in Grant Parish schools; all other should have special permits.



Do not transport any animals such as dogs and cats with students.



Do not permit any weapon or explosive of any kind on the bus.



In case of accident or breakdown while the bus is transporting children, if communication equipment fails to operate, do not leave the bus to go to the telephone, but send two responsible students to the nearest house to telephone.



Do not permit drink containers, bottles, cans, food or any glass objects other than eye glasses on the bus.



Never permit students to enter or leave the bus from the rear door of the bus.  This door is to be used by students only in case of emergency.  The rear door should be kept closed from the inside at all times.



Never fill the fuel tank while there are any passengers on the bus or while the motor is running.



Keep the bus clean, inside and outside.  Buses should receive careful sweeping daily.  Wipe the interior with a damp cloth daily. All windows should be cleaned before departing on route. No posters or stickers should be allowed on the bus or bus windows.



Diesel powered buses should be idled for at least three (3) minutes before shutdown.



Operator of bus must sign in for half (1/2) or all day and indicate reason for absence.



Bus operators are responsible for securing a substitute bus operator and must notify the Transportation Department prior to the absence.  



State law prohibits standing on the bus.



State law and Grant Parish School Board policy prohibits use of a cell phone by a bus operator while driving a bus, whether the bus is loaded or unloaded.  This includes hands-free cell phone equipment.



Aisles must remain clear at all times.  Students must remain properly seated with personal items in their laps or under their seats.




The bus operator is responsible for safe crossing at all railroad crossings.  The bus operator must always come to a complete stop and look both ways to assure himself/herself that the train is not approaching before crossing.  Use four way flashers/hazard lights at railroad crossings.  A school bus operator must:



Always come to a complete stop, empty or loaded, before crossing any railroad track.



Stop not closer than 15 feet, but not farther than 50 feet, from the nearest rail.



Put the transmission in neutral and set the parking brake so that the bus cannot be moved or shoved into the path of the train.  Open the driver’s window and the service door.  Turn off noisy equipment.  Look and listen for approaching trains.



Insist that all children be absolutely quiet when approaching and crossing all railroad tracks.



Be sure that you can see clearly both ways.  If vision is not clear, do not cross until your vision is clear.  You must be sure no train is approaching.



Cross when it is determined that no train is approaching.



Do not shift gears while crossing tracks.



Extra precautions must be taken at multiple track crossings.


Revised:  September, 1985                       

Revised:  February, 1986

Revised:  October, 2006



Ref   Board minutes, 9-5-85, 12-5-85, 10-3-06


Grant Parish School Board