The Grant Parish School Board shall permit all bus drivers the option of purchasing a bus owned by the School Board or anyone else.  The sale of School Board owned buses will be based on the average of two (2) appraisals received.  The School Board will agree to finance up to four (4) years with no interest the purchase of a bus owned by the Grant Parish School Board.  New buses purchased by drivers will not be financed by the Grant Parish School Board.


When a contract driver purchases a bus from the Grant Parish School Board the driver may purchase it by installments for forty-eight (48) months at no interest, however, should for some reason the driver resign, retire or for any other reason be unable to complete the forty-eight (48) months of work and installments, the driver shall either forfeit future payments and the bus or pay off the balance in full on the date of employee severance or no later than thirty (30) days of such described events.  In any case, the Grant Parish School Board shall not be responsible during the thirty (30) day period for liability, collision and comprehensive insurance as the contract driver or his/her estate shall be responsible.


The Grant Parish School Board will not purchase a bus over five (5) years old from a retiring or resigning bus driver.  Any retiring or resigning bus driver that has a bus older than 10 years that was purchased from Grant Parish School Board can turn the bus in and have the note cancelled, or the driver can pay off the bus note and keep the bus.  If a retiring or resigning driver has a bus which is newer than five (5) years old, the Grant Parish School Board will get at least two (2) appraisals, take the average of the two (2) appraisals, and offer that amount to the driver.


If a contract bus driver wishes to drive a parish owned bus, the contract driver shall be required to notify the Board within three (3) weeks after school ends of such desire in order to be eligible to drive a parish owned bus the next year.


Revised:  January, 1988

Revised:  August, 1988

Revised:  March, 1991

Revised:  September, 1993

Revised:  October, 1997



Ref:   Board minutes, 6-4-87, 8-6-87, 11-5-87, 8-4-88, 11-8-90, 8-23-93


Grant Parish School Board