In accordance with sound principles of financial accounting, purchase orders must be prepared on all items purchased in the name of the Grant Parish School Board.  Separate purchase orders shall be prepared for each vendor involved.


All purchase orders in the name of the Board must be signed by the Superintendent, assistant superintendent, or business manager prior to submission to the vendor.


An approved requisition form must be processed prior to issuance of a purchase order.  No telephone orders will be permitted, except in emergencies and the procedure in such case would be to send a confirming purchase order approved by the Superintendent of Schools.


Any item sent for preview or examination must be accompanied by a consignment purchase order.


Personnel contracts obligating this district shall be signed by the Superintendent representing the Board and the employee.


Other contracts obligating this district shall be countersigned by the President of the Board and the Treasurer thereto.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:97


Grant Parish School Board