The Grant Parish School Board shall reimburse employees and School Board members for expenses incurred while on official School Board business, within budgetary limitations.  Travel expenses may be limited to those expenses necessarily incurred by employees or School Board members in the performance of official responsibilities as may be authorized by the School Board or the Superintendent.  Reimbursement of expenses shall be based on submission of the forms and documentation designated for that purpose as required by and in accordance with approved administrative procedures.  Such expenses shall comply with the Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement procedures and be subject to the following:


  1. All travel by personnel shall be approved prior to the trip by the Superintendent or his/her designee;

  2. Only actual expenses shall be paid up to the maximum meal allowance as set by the School Board.  Method of payment shall be reimbursement following the trip with a statement of expenses filed, accompanied by proper supporting documentation/receipts;

  3. When a private automobile is used, the School Board approved rate per mile shall be the basis to calculate auto expense;

  4. All employees who use their private vehicles for official School Board business, shall be required to carry adequate liability insurance, as may be stipulated by the School Board.


No reimbursement shall be made for any personal property losses of school employees incurred while performing official school duties.


The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining proper procedures for governing reimbursement expenses.


Revised:  March, 1995

Revised:  August, 2002

Revised:  October 3, 2017



Ref:   La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:56, 32:861, 32:862, 32:863, 32:863.1, 32:900

Board minutes, 6-4-02, 10-3-17


Grant Parish School Board