The Grant Parish School Board encourages the development of proposals to private foundations and other sources of financial aid for subsidizing such activities as innovative projects, feasibility studies, long-range planning, and research and development.  All such activities are to meet the following criteria:



They are based on a specific set of internal objectives that relate to the established goals and objectives of the city.



They are to provide measures for evaluating whether or not project objectives are being or have been achieved.



The execution of all projects is to conform to state and federal laws and to the policies of the Board.


All grant proposals are to be approved by the Board before being submitted to the funding agency.  The Superintendent shall establish administrative guidelines for the processing of proposal ideas to the Board for its approval.


The Board may accept and administer any donation that may be made to them for educational or literary purposes.


A donor making a donation of property to the Board may prescribe the manner in which the property shall be administered and the object to which it or any part thereof, or the revenues from the same, shall be applied.


The Board as donee shall administer the property entrusted to them in conformity with the directors contained in the act of donation and for its purpose they are vested with all the necessary powers of administration.



Ref:   La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:381, 17:382, 17:383, 38:2320


Grant Parish School Board