The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, met in its regular meeting place, the Grant Parish School Board Office, Colfax, Louisiana, in Regular Session, Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 6:00 o’clock P.M.


            There were present Mr. Randy Browning, Mrs. Lisa Roberts, Mrs. Karen Layton, Mrs. Charlene Anderson, Mrs. Mary Bullock and Mr. A. D. Futrell.


            Mr. Buddy Pennison and Mr. Bill Riggs were absent.


            Mrs. Sheila S. Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer was also present.


            The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, was duly convened by Mr. A. D. Futrell, President of the Grant Parish School Board, who then stated that the Grant Parish School Board was ready to transact any business which may come before the Board.


            Motion by Mrs. Layton, seconded by Mr. Riggs and unanimously approved the October 7, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes.


            Motion by Mr. Browning, seconded by Mrs. Anderson and unanimously approved the following budget revisions:


Parishwide:  Montgomery High - $1,015.00 for technology equipment.

District:  Montgomery High - $2,500.00 for gym floor finishing.

District:  Georgetown High - $4,500.00 for gym dressing room floor replacement.


            It was determined that Montgomery High did not qualify for replacing the air conditioner in the gym through the Rural Development Program.  We are still seeking other options for both Montgomery High and Grant High.


            The handrails are in for the Grant High School stadium.  They will be installed as soon as possible.


            The fire marshal declined the plans that were drawn up for the Montgomery High School bleachers.  Plans are being modified to meet code and will be resubmitted.


            Every school has been affected with water leaks from the recent 16” of rain we had in Grant Parish.  The Grant Jr. High roof is still under warranty.  The contractor and the architect have been advised of the problems.  Most of the other schools had minor leaks as a result of the blowing rain.  Repairs are being made. 


            Mr. Michael Edwards for Georgetown High, Mr. Robert Smith for Grant Jr. High and Mrs. Amanda Morrison, for Grant High all gave presentations about their schools and their School Improvement Plans. They were very informational.  Mr. Smith said they have a new Reading Program started that seems to have the children wanting to read more.


            Mrs. Patti Williams will present Montgomery High’s at the December meeting.


            Mrs. Paula Crawford and Mrs. Melanie Lavespere gave an accountability update and data release schedule.  Mrs. Crawford presented Grant High School Performance Score.  Grant High had an increase of 7.8 points.


The Board Members received the following policies for approval at the December board meeting:    ABCF (Removal From Office), GAK (Personnel Records), GAMFA (Employee Communicable Diseases), IDCJ (Supplemental Educational Services), II (Testing Program), JBD (Student Absences and Excuses), JGCC (Student Communicable Diseases), JGFH (Student Identification) and JDD (Suspension).


            The Board members discussed naming the Lady Cougar softball field at Grant High after Mr. “Buddy” Collins.  After some discussion the Board decided to table this item until the December Board Meeting to approve a procedure for naming school buildings and facilities for this and future request.


            The Superintendent discussed the Grant High School Band.  They are in need of some new instruments.  There will be more discussion in the future on what their needs are, and perhaps budgeting for those needs for the 2016-2017 school year.


            There were several items in the Board Members folders concerning “Read Across the Globe”.  Many of the schools had pictures and descriptions of what they were doing to help their students appreciate reading.


            Mr. Lamar Briggs spoke to the Board Members concerning a new program “”.  There was a brief summary given and a presentation of the new website.  The Grant Parish School Board has began having calls concerning the website and how the message has made a positive impact.


            There is a Data Processing position that is being considered at the Grant Parish School Board office.  Preliminary plans for the position would call for someone who has experience with data input. A job description will be presented at the December Board Meeting for approval.


            Motion by Mr. Browning, seconded by Mrs. Roberts and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting.


s/A. D. Futrell

A. D. Futrell


Grant Parish School Board


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Sheila S. Jackson


Grant Parish School Board