The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, met in its regular meeting place, the Grant Parish School Board Office, Colfax, Louisiana, in Regular Session, Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 6:00 o’clock P.M.


                There were present Mr. Craig McCain, Mr. Eddie Baxley, Mr. Terry Oliver, Mr. Randy Browning, Mr. A.D. Futrell, Mr. A.J. “Tony” Lavespere, Mr. Marvin DeLong and Mrs. Karen Layton.

     No one was absent.


                Cadet Michelle Jenkins delivered the pledge for the board meeting.


                 Mrs. Sheila S. Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer was also present.


                The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, was duly convened by Honorable A.D. Futrell, President of the Grant Parish School Board, who then stated that the Parish School Board was ready to transact any business which may come before the Board.


                Motion made by Mr. Lavespere, seconded by Mrs. Layton and unanimously approved the revised agenda.


                Motion made by Mrs. Layton, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved the minutes from the July 9, 2009 regular board meeting.


                The Transportation and Maintenance Committee had nothing to report.


                The Finance Committee had nothing to report.


                The Superintendent told the Board Members she had met with the architects and all permits and approvals should be completed by August 7, 2009.  The bid advertisement will go in the paper on September 14, 2009, and to be within state guidelines and state laws it will run the appropriate length of time. The Superintendent stated at the September Board Meeting she will be requesting a Special Board meeting, in September to receive, open and award the bids, with anticipation of a ground breaking ceremony near the beginning of October 2009. The bid opening should be on the 23rd of October, 2009. The architects did ask for the latest group of the committee members to have a meeting to update everyone on Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 5:30 at Dry Prong Jr. High.  This meeting is to make sure everyone has all of the information.


                Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Oliver and unanimously approved the Engagement Letter for auditors.  The Superintendent recommended the School Board continue with Rozier, Herrington and McKay as they have done an excellent job for us.


                Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Lavespere and unanimously approved the job description for the Food Administrative Assistant.


                Motion made by Mr. Oliver, seconded by Mrs. Layton and unanimously approved changing the September board meeting to Thursday, August 27, 2009.  The Superintendent made sure that everything was legal for the meeting to be held in August, 2009.


                No action was required to receive the Revised SBLC Handbook with new language on 504 reevaluation and adding Dyslexia and Act 1120 Policies to the manual to be approved at the September meeting.


                No action was required to receive the Revised District Test Security Policy to include language regarding End of Course Testing, Eagle, Leap reporting and Leap Query Systems to be approved at the September meeting.


                There were no retirements to report.


                Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved accepting the resignations as written.


1.  Sandra Hammons, Gifted & Talented teacher @ Grant effective 07-22-09

2.  Miranda Atwell, English teacher @ Grant effective 07-21-09

3.  Angela Delrie, Librarian @ Colfax Elem. effective 07-15-09

4.  Robin Abels, 4th grade teacher @ Verda Elem., effective 07-15-09

5.  Ramona Riddick, ELA @ Montgomery effective 07-28-09

6.  Susan Gotreaux – 3rd grade teacher @ Pollock Elem. effective 07-20-09

 7.  Nicole Wehunt – bus driver, effective 08-03-09

8.  Jovan Harris – math teacher @ DPJH, effective 05-23-09


                Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved accepting the transfers as written.


1.  Mary Kidd – from Colfax Special Ed. Teacher to Montgomery Special Ed. teacher effective 08-10-09

2.  Mindy Humphries – from Colfax Elem to Pollock Elem. as a Special Education  teacher, effective 08-10-09

3.  Deborah Harlan – from Pollock Preschool to Preschool Itinerant Teacher  For the 09-10 school year only

4.  Belinda Winegeart from Kindergarten @ Pollock to Preschool Teacher @Pollock Elem. effective 08-10-09

5.  Linda Hyde – transferring from Interventionist @ Colfax Elem. to gifted teacher @ Grant High, Georgetown and Montgomery High eff. 08-10-09


                Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved accepting the employment of personnel as written.


1.  Carmon Cook – 3rd  grade teacher @ Colfax Elem. replacing Hazel Bostick effective 08-10-09

2.  Rachel Butcher – 2nd grade teacher @ Verda Elem. replacing Jennifer Howard effective 08-10-09

3.  William Kitchen – ISS teacher @ Grant High effective 08-10-09

 4.  Kelli Brasher – Health/P.E. teacher & coach @ Grant High replacing Jodi Hallman effective 08-03-09

 5.  Anita Chenevert – 2nd grade teacher @ Colfax Elementary eff. 08-10-09

 6.  Barbara Kaufman – librarian @ Colfax Elementary replacing Angela Delrie effective 08-10-09

 7.  Sheritha Simmons – 6th grade teacher @ Colfax Elem. replacing Cheryl Bridgewater effective 08-10-09

 8.  Lance Carpenter – Science teacher @ Montgomery High eff.  08-10-09 

 9.  Lana Craig – Kindergarten teacher @ Pollock Elem. effective 08-10-09   

10.  Karlo Rivera – Special Ed. Teacher @ Colfax Elem. replacing Elizabeth Reimer effective 08-10-09

11.  Tim Tyler – Special Ed. Teacher @ Grant Academy replacing Jane Seward effective 08-10-09

12.  Emily Breland – 7th grade math teacher @ Dry Prong Jr. High replacing Jovan Harris effective 08-10-09

13.  Cory McCartney – 7th grade science teacher @ DPJH replacing Candace Wright effective 08-10-09

14.  Lisa Moore – Special Ed teacher @ DPJH replacing Dustin Procell effective 08-10-09

15.  Melinda Dupreast – 6th grade teacher @ Pollock Elem. eff.08-10-09

16.  Aaron Atwood – 7th grade math teacher @ DPJH. eff. 08-10-09


                Motion made By Mr. DeLong, seconded by Mr. Baxley and unanimously approved accepting Erica Henry’s leave without pay effective 08-03-09.


                The Superintendent notified all Board Members of the upcoming 100th year Celebration, to be held Wednesday, the 12th of August, at Dry Prong Jr. High.  The celebration will begin at 7:15 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.  Refreshments will be served.  Many special guests will be present.


                The LSBA Trailblazers Workshop – Data Decision Making, will be held at the Holiday Inn South in Baton Rouge, LA on Monday, August 24, 2009.


                The bond closing, for the new Grant Jr. High, will be on August 25, 2009, in New Orleans at the office of Foley & Judell.


                Mr. Carl Vercher was presented a plaque for his retirement effective 08-11-09.


                Motion made by Mr. Browning, seconded by Mr. Lavespere and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting.


/s/A.D. Futrell___________________

A. D. Futrell


Grant Parish School Board




Sheila S. Jackson


Grant Parish School Board