The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, met in its regular meeting place, the Grant Parish School Board Office, Colfax, Louisiana, in Regular Session, Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 6:00 o’clock P.M.


                There were present Mr. Craig McCain, Mr. Eddie Baxley, Mr. A.J. “Tony” Lavespere, Mrs. Karen Layton, Mr. Marvin DeLong, Mr. Terry Oliver, Mr. Randy Browning, and Mr. A.D. Futrell.


     ABSENT: all of the Board Members were present.


     Mrs. Sheila S. Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer was also present.


                The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, was duly convened by Honorable Craig McCain, President of the Grant Parish School Board, who then stated that the Parish School Board was ready to transact any business which may come before the Board.


                Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved the revised agenda.


                Motion made by Mrs. Layton, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved the minutes from the November 4, 2008 board meeting.


                There was no guest registered to recognize at the meeting.  Mr. Baxley stated that Mr. Steve Templin was unable to attend the meeting but should be at the next Board meeting to speak about the sale of timber on the site of the proposed Jr. High School.  Mr. Templin should have something in a month or so.  Mr. McCain said if Mr. Templin should be ready earlier for the sale of the timber, he may have to call a Special Board Meeting


                Mr. Futrell stated the Transportation and Maintenance Committee had one item that had been referred to the Finance Committee.


                The Finance Committee decided to authorize and establish Bug Blasters as the pest control company to use in all of the schools.  Motion made by the Finance Committee, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved to secure the services of Bug Blasters Pest Control on an annual basis for $2800.00 and to authorize the Superintendent to execute the contract.


                Motion made by the Finance Committee, seconded by Mr. Browning to approve the payment of invoice #7697 in the amount of $101,899.35 minus 10% to be retained.


                Motion made by the finance committee, seconded by Mr. DeLong and approved to renew the Superintendent’s contract for a period of four years and increase her base salary to $80,000.00 per year; a car allowance of $600.00 per month; she will continue to receive state supplements and any future increases, and continue to receive local tax supplements and any future increases in her contract.  The vote was as follows:  Ayes:  Mr. Browning, Mr. A.J. “Tony” Lavespere, Mr. Eddie Baxley, Mrs. Karen Layton,  Mr. Marvin DeLong, Mr. Terry Oliver and Mr. Craig McCain

Nays:  Mr. A.D. Futrell; Zero (0) Absent.  Motion carries.


                Taylor & Sons volunteered to give an employee of the Grant Parish School Board an “Employee of the Month” award.  This month the awarded person had a conflict and could not attend.  This will be a standing item on the agenda.


                Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved the resolution as written, an official adoption and declaration of the results of the election.

election results 2.jpg

election results 3.jpg     

election results 12.jpg

election results 4.jpg

election results 5.jpg

election results 6.jpg

election results 7.jpg

election results 8.jpg

election results 9.jpg

election results 10.jpg

election results 11.jpg

2nd election results 1.jpg

2nd election results 2.jpg

2nd election results 3.jpg

2nd election results sb 4.jpg

2nd election results 4.jpg


The Superintendent recognized the principal from each of our nine schools, and they each presented their own School Accountability Results and spoke of how they came to their results.


                The Superintendent presented Mrs. Karen Layton and Mr. A.J. “Tony” Lavespere with a certificate for completion of LSBA requirements. 


                Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved renewing contracts on Mr. Lee Dunbar, Mr. Shane Seward, and Mr. Bill Nettles.  


                   Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mrs. Layton and unanimously approved giving the Superintendent permission to disperse the sales tax payments of $835.00 to the staff on Monday December 8, 2008.


                The Board Members received a copy of the draft of the 2009-2010 school academic calendar to be considered at the January board meeting.


                Motion made by Mr. Browning, seconded by Mrs. Layton and unanimously approved adding the following policies to our policy manual:  EB –Buildings and Grounds, GAMA – Employee Tobacco Use and KG – Use of School Facilities.


                Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. Lavespere and unanimously approved changing the January Board Meeting to January 8, 2009.


                The Superintendent recommended the following employments.  Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. Oliver and unanimously approved employment of the following personnel:


1.  Jessica Ayres, Special Ed. Teacher @ Georgetown effective

11-12-2008 replacing Jenny Lasyone


2.  Ward D. Johnson, Jr. as school bus driver on route #9 serving DPJH and Grant  High; effective 12-16-08; to be based at Grant High


3.  Fern Land – part time teacher @ Montgomery High effective

01-05-09 thru 05-22-09


4.  Dana Linzay – school nurse replacing Janell Newton @ Grant High effective 12-18-08


                The Superintendent recommended the following technical correction.  Motion Made by Mr. Oliver, seconded by Mrs. Layton and unanimously approved the  following correction:


1.  Change Mr. William Trull’s date of employment from 11-17-08 to



The Superintendent recommended the following resignations.  Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Lavespere and unanimously approved the following resignations:


                                1.  Krystal Womack – Teacher @ Grant High effective 12-31-2008                            

                                2.  Janell Newton – Nurse @ Grant High, effective 11-30-2008


                Mr. McCain stated that there were no unfavorable comments made concerning Mrs. Sheila Jackson’s evaluation.  He and Mrs. Jackson sat down and had a discussion about the Grant Parish School System and Mrs. Jackson’s ideas on addressing the needs in our system about accountability, budgets.  In general Mr. McCain and Mrs. Jackson went through the criteria based on the information provided by the Board and his own opinion, there were no findings.  So, based on everything he received it is agreed that a satisfactory performance had been completed by the Superintendent.  That documentation was placed in Mrs. Jackson’s file.


                The Superintendent noted that the usual reports were in the Board Members folder.  The Student Count will be put into the mail to each of the Board Members.  The Superintendent thanked her staff and all employees of the school board.  She thanked everyone for all of the prayers she received while going through chemotherapy and noted that she is now through with Chemo.  Mrs. Jackson said she is feeling so much better and is getting ready to start her radiation treatments.  She wished everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.  Mrs. Jackson thanked the Board members for all of their support and their continued support during the next four years. 


                The Board thanked Mrs. Jackson for all of her hard work and all of the staff and employees for working well together and making everything work the way it should.  The Board wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


                Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. DeLong and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting.


Craig A. McCain




Sheila S. Jackson

Secretary – Treasurer

Grant Parish School Board