The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, met in its regular meeting place, the Grant Parish School Board Office, Colfax, Louisiana, in Regular Session, Thursday, August 12, 2008 at 6:00 o’clock P.M.


     There were present Randy Browning, Craig McCain, Eddie Baxley, Marvin DeLong, Randy Browning, and A.D. Futrell.


     ABSENT: A.J. “Tony” Lavespere and Karen Layton


     Mrs. Sheila S. Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer was also present.


     The Parish School Board of the Parish of Grant, State of Louisiana, was duly convened by Honorable Craig McCain, Vice- President of the Grant Parish School Board, who then stated that the Parish School Board was ready to transact any business which may come before the Board.


     Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved the Revised Agenda.


     Motion made by Mr. Browning, seconded by Mr. Oliver and unanimously approved the Minutes from the July 10, 2008 Board Meeting.


     Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. DeLong and unanimously approved adding Mr. Thomas Wilson to the Agenda.


     Mr. Thomas Wilson then commented on running for District Judge in Grant Parish.  Mr. Wilson stated that it had come to his attention that the Parish is experiencing several difficult situations including Truancy Laws in Grant Parish.  The Children’s Code has a provision on how the Government can set up provisions to help alleviate the problem of truancy.  


     The Board also recognized 1SG Jim Tadayeski who introduced SFC Fermin Montano to the Board. He will be the Army instructor at the Grant High School.  1SG Tadayeski also introduced Ms. Marie Furlough, as the first female battalion commander in the JROTC program. 


     Mr. McCain recognized 1SG Tadayeski for the accomplishments he has made with the JROTC Program.  The Superintendent recognized and presented 1SG Tadayeski as the JROTC Instructor of the Year by the State of Louisiana.


     The Transportation and Maintenance made a motion, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved that they reimburse substitute coaches and substitute bus drivers for rentals of buses, up to $150.00, for their third party CDL test.  The committee voted to allow this for a period of six months then they will look at the situation again.


     Motion made by the Finance Committee, seconded by Mr. DeLong and unanimously approved advertising for sealed bids on surplus equipment at Georgetown and Grant. 

resolution for bids for georgetown and grant.tif


 Motion made by the Finance Committee, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved the 403-B Plan Document as presented by Mr. Johnny Rozier, from Taylor and Sons.


     Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved the correction of a technical error on the 2008-2009 school calendar.


corrected calendar002.tif


     Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved  that one Emergency day be eliminated from the  current calendar and included in Instructional time.


     Mr. McCain then recognized Mr. Shannon Gremillion who spoke briefly about his candidacy for the Third Circuit Court of Appeal.


     Mr. McCain then recognized Alliance Design Group.  Mr. Bill Tudor made a presentation concerning the new Jr. High School.  Mr. Tudor stated they had been very busy for the last 6 weeks trying to find the best way, and the most cost efficient way to build the new school.  The School Board was offered to build just the Jr. High, build it with a large auditorium, or we can add Grant Academy in with the Jr. High. The Board decided to go with only the Jr. High School.  The current number of students we now have in the Jr. High is around 405 students, whereas the new Jr. High will be able to hold around 600 students.   It will be built so that if more space is needed the new school will be easy to add on to.  Construction could start as early as July 2009 with a start date as early as January 2011.  There will need to be two different bond issues; one for the school and the other for furnishings.  There will be a Public Hearing on August 19, 2008 @ 6:00 P.M. to get public input on the new school issue.  Immediately following the Public Hearing there will be a Special Board Meeting @ 7:15 P.M.  The longer we wait to put the project on the ballot, the more expensive the project will cost. 


     Mr. McCain asks that the Superintendent go ahead and formalize the contract with Alliance Design Group.  The Board will consult their Board attorney.  Mr. McCain then stated that we are in this project and he feels that it time that the Board seal the deal in terms of their contract. 


       Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved the adoption of the following policies as printed:


 ADA – School Census, CEA – Superintendent Qualifications, DIC – Inventories, IDCJ – Supplemental Educational Services, JGC – Student Health Services, JGCD –Administration of Medication and JGFG – Illness and accidents.  IDCA – Summer School, IDCH – Home Study Program, IDDC – Homebound Instruction, IDG – Adult Education, IHF – Graduation Requirements, II – Testing Program, JB – Attendance, JBC School Admission, JBD – School Absences and excuses


     Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved the Superintendent’s  recommendation that we employ the following personnel: 


1.         Sheryl Edwards – Part time sweeper @ Georgetown High, replacing Madge Olden, effective 08-11-2008

2.        Casey Brown – 2nd grade teacher @ Georgetown replacing Susie Miller effective 08-11-08

3.        Denis Coody – P.E. teacher @ DPJH replacing Scott Dubois effective 08—08

4.        Jovan Harris – 7th grade teacher @ DPJH replacing Chantelle Hataway effective 08-11-2008

5.        Brandie Hicks – DPJH computer lab replacing Dustin Procell who is replacing Ben Ardoin effective 08-11-2008

6.        Miranda Jones – DPJH replacing Ashley Locker

7.        Tonya Denise Jordan – 5th grade teacher @ Verda Elem replacing Mary Scherer who is moving to Special Ed effective 08-11-08

8.        Amy Merrell – South Grant Elementary, replacing Melanie Dupre effective 08-11-08

9.        Erricka Parker – 8th grade math teacher @ DPJH replacing Sharee Morgan effective 08-11-08

10.     Paulette Friese – ISS teacher @ DPJH replacing Eugene Frischhertz effective 08-11-08

11.     Cathy Goudeau – 1st grade teacher @ Colfax, rehire effective 08-11-08

12.     Haley Dean – 2nd grade (new position) @ Colfax Elem. effective 08-11-08

13.     Cheryl Bridgewater – 6th grade teacher @ Colfax Elem. replacing Rodney McManus  effective 08-11-08

14.     Melinda Lummus – 2nd  grade teacher @ Colfax Elem. replacing Mary Beth Fingleton effective 08-11-08

15.     Mindy Humphries – 5th Grade teacher @ Colfax Elem. replacing Samantha Poisso effective 08-11-08

16.     Charles “Gene” Edwards - teacher @ Georgetown High, replacing Melva King effective 08-04-08

17.     Leah Neikirk – Special Ed Teacher @ Georgetown High, replacing LouAnn Edwards effective 08-04-08

18.     Carl Harrison – Science and Family and Consumer Science @ Montgomery High, replacing Franklin McQueary effective 08-11-08

19.     Susan Horne – English and Spanish Teacher @ Montgomery High, replacing Trenton Smith effective 08-11-08

20.     Brandon Dyson – Math teacher @ Montgomery High, replacing Julia James, effective 08-11-08

21.     Kahnya Paddie – 6th grade teacher @ Verda Elem., replacing Sharon Wagley effective 08-11-08

22.     Stewart Henagan – Physical Science teacher @ Grant High, replacing Martin Dewees effective 07-28-08

23.     Catherine Bradford – Math teacher @ Grant High, replacing David Cross, effective 08-11-08

24.     Haley Poole – Social Studies teacher @ Grant High replacing David Cross, effective 08-11-08

25.     Candace Zell – Chemistry and Physics teacher @ Grant High replacing Kathy Yocum effective 08-11-08

26.     Amy Danielle Sauce – teacher @ Georgetown High replacing Cari Harrison, effective 08-11-08

27.     Chanel Green – 1st grade teacher @ Colfax Elem., replacing Misty Chelette, effective 08-11-08

28.     Rebecca Simmons – Receptionist @ Grant High, replacing Susan Clarius effective 08-11-08

29.     Misty Kelly – bus driver @ Verda Elementary for route #31, replacing Kevin McCracken effective 08-14-08

30.     Irving C. Estave – Career Path Itinerant Teacher home based @ Grant High effective 08-11-08

31.     Lance Brasher – Physical Science teacher @ Grant High, replacing Freddie Hallman, effective 07-28-08

32.     Sylvia Murrell – Music Teacher @ South Grant, replacing Mary Ann Brunson for 1 year @ South Grant Elem., effective 08-11-08

33.     Janis Mendenhall – School Nurse, assignment to be determined, effective 09-02-08


     Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. Oliver and unanimously approved the Superintendent’s recommendation that the Board approve the following resignations:


1.        Krista Corley – teacher @Grant High effective 07-15-2008

2.        Wendy White – teacher @ Dry Prong Jr. High effective 07-28-2008

3.        Madge Olden – part time sweeper @ Georgetown High effective 07-30-2008

4.        Cathy Nugent – lunchroom technician @ Colfax Elementary effective 08-06-08

5.        Carolyn Addison – teacher @ Grant High effective 08-07-08

6.        Rhonda Walker – Secretary @ DPJH effective 08-29-08

7.        Rod Tarter – Bus Driver @ DPJH effective 08-11-08

8.        Michelle Doiron – Speech Pathologist Assistant, effective 08-08-08


     Motion made by Mr. Futrell, seconded by Mr. Browning and unanimously approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the following transfers:


1.        Kevin McCracken, school bus driver, to route #40 serving Verda Elementary from route # 31 also serving Verda Elementary; effective August 14, 2008.

2.        Cari Harrison, teacher @ Georgetown High School, to Montgomery High School effective 08-11-2008

3.        Carolyn Wehunt – school bus driver, to route #14 serving DPJH/Grant High from route #1 serving Colfax Elementary; effective August 14, 2008; school assignment will be Grant High

4.        Mary Kidd from Pupil Appraisal Services to Special Ed Teacher @ Colfax Elementary replacing Carmen Gunter

5.        Susan Clarius – Secretary @ Grant High to Secretary/Bookkeeper @ DPJH effective 07-21-08

6.        Janice Aymond – from Bookkeeper @ Central Office to Bookkeeper @ Grant High effective 07-28-08

7.        Amanda Morrison from Counselor @ Grant High to Asst. Principal @ Grant High effective 08-04-08

8.        Gaylyn Constance – from Special Ed. @ Pollock Elem. To Counselor @ Grant High replacing Amanda Morrison effective 08-13-08


    Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the following Sabbatical Leave:


1.      Mary Ann Brunson sabbatical leave for the 2008-2009 school


     Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Delong and unanimously approved the recommendation of the Superintendent to rescind Janet McGlothlin’s retirement date of August 31, 2008.


     The Superintendent recommends that we remain with LOHS, our current service provider for drug screening as we have had excellent service with no problems with privacy and we are currently with an established firm. 


     Mr. Oliver wants to keep it in our minds that we still need to watch our fuel prices for diesel.


     The Superintendent stated that her staff is still looking at a four day week and will continue to look at it but at this time current research does not indicate any educational advantage .  Mrs. Jackson stated that she will stay on top of the research and what other parishes are doing in our area and report any information she receives to the Board.


     Mr. Futrell thanked everyone for their prayers as he strongly believes prayer has helped with his medical situation.  Mr. Futrell also thanked the Superintendent for her leadership in all situations.


     Mr. McCain said again we have a Public Hearing at 6:00 P.M. to 7:15 P.M. with a Special Board Meeting to begin at 7:15 P.M. 


     Motion made by Mr. Browning, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved to add to the agenda to adopt a resolution urging all parties involved, i.e.: DOTD, Village of Dry Prong to come to an agreement that provides a reasonable corridor and addresses the safety of the children of our parish. 


     Motion made by Mr. McCain, seconded by Mr. Browning and approved to adopt the resolution urging all parties involved to resolve the Dry Prong Design and dispute and get on with the projection Dry Prong to provide safe passage that accomplishes what DOTD desires and meets the needs of the public.  The count was as follows: 


 Ayes:  Mr. Browning, Mr. Oliver, Mr. McCain, and Mr. Futrell

Nays:  Mr. Baxley, Mr. Delong


     Motion made by Mr. Baxley, seconded by Mr. Futrell and unanimously approved adjourning the meeting.

                                                               /s/ Craig A. McCain____________

                                                               Craig A. McCain




Sheila S. Jackson

Secretary – Treasurer

Grant Parish School Board